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  • Strategy Talk: Can Strategy Be Decisive and Flexible? March 15, 2018
    Clear choices can provide stability for your organization while also enhancing your strategic options and ability to adapt.
  • How Can a Fintech Company Win 20 Million Customers? March 14, 2018
    Valentin Stalf, chief executive of German financial-services startup N26, wants personal banking to be as easy as downloading music. In this interview, part of s+b's "Inside the Mind of the CEO" series, he explains the philosophy behind the fast-growing online bank he co-founded. N26 is expanding from Europe to the U.S., aggregates offerings from other […]
  • Getting the Autocratic Leaders We Deserve March 13, 2018
    We want our leaders to be decisive, proactive, and undaunted -- but only to a point.
  • Failure Is an Option March 12, 2018
    Being willing to take risks and embrace uncertainty is vital for the success of digital transformations.
  • When Cookie Monster Goes on a Diet March 9, 2018
    Consumers' bonds with brand characters are much like trusted friendships. And when that old pal gets a makeover, certain consumers will be resistant to the change.
  • Phil Windley Thinks He Can Protect Your Data March 8, 2018
    Imagine if you could establish your bona fides, for credit or rental or admission to a country, without revealing private information. The chair of a foundation dedicated to digital identity protection says distributed ledgers (such as blockchain) can create this type of privacy, but only if they're designed to keep personal data off the chain.
  • What Women Want in the Workplace March 8, 2018
    To close the gender gap, companies must develop transparency on career progress.

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  • Limited Options: Trump and the North Korea Conundrum December 26, 2017
    Any analysis of the Trump administration’s approach to North Korea has to begin by acknowledging the virtually intractable nature of the problem. North Korea’s missile and nuclear capabilities are expanding rapidly, which in itself increases the regime’s commitment to the two programs. The tools at the disposal of the US are limited. Military options are […]
  • Continuing to Confront China: Trump’s Approach to Maritime Security in East Asia December 21, 2017
    At the 2017 Shangri-La Dialogue, held in Singapore, US Secretary of Defense James Mattis made clear that, despite some new elements and shifts in emphasis, there would be significant continuity in the US security strategy in East Asia. As he put it: “By further strengthening our alliances, by empowering the region and by enhancing the […]
  • Giving China Leverage: Climate, Energy and Trump’s Retreat December 21, 2017
    The United States and China share many common interests on issues of energy and climate. Those commonalities emerged in the late 2000s when renewable-energy technologies became commercially viable and shifted the energy landscape from a zero-sum competition over limited fossil-fuel resources to an infinitely expandable pie. Renewable energy — combined with mounting scientific evidence about […]
  • Building Exchange-Rate Governance Within the ASEAN+3 Process December 21, 2017
    Currency manipulation — or exchange-rate manipulation — happens when countries employ policies that secure “fundamental exchange-rate misalignment in the form of an undervalued exchange rate [in order] … to increase net exports.”1 In short, countries deliberately devalue or keep their currencies undervalued for the purpose of enhancing trade competitiveness.   This issue needs to be […]
  • Between a Rock and a Rocket Man: South Korea’s Anxiety December 21, 2017
    During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump bashed South Korea for not paying enough for the US-South Korea alliance and promised to repeal the free-trade agreement between the two countries, which he called a “job-killing deal.” As for North Korea, Trump suggested that China — not South Korea — was the key to solving the nuclear […]

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