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By developing optimized creative strategies to advance mutually rewarding relationships between companies, customers and the public, Y-Unit helps build sustainable profits and socially responsible cultures.

Mission and Philosophy (Y-Unit.com)

Y-Unit firmly believes in collective excellence, adaptive policies and fair transactions, as contextualized in the powerful model of co-opetition. By incorporating a cohesive innovative strategy, optimizing trade-offs and tailoring the necessary implementation according to sound priorities, Y-Unit sets out to upsurge the overall organizational performance while maximizing each agent’s payoff.Roger Yau

Roger Yau / Founder

Adevoted professional with 19+ years of combined experience involving with organizational systems, marketing strategies, Website Design & Development, Fashion Design & Development, Search Engine Optimization, and creating original artworks. Roger is a hardworking and result-driven problem solver, with well cultivated artistic and analytical skills, who strives to deliver practical, cost-effective, and positive-sum solutions for companies and individuals as diverse as manufacturing to broadcasting. Roger is also fluent in Cantonese and in reading Chinese.

Roger Yau (Justin)

Personality type: INTP-T. Try your own modern-day horoscope here 🙂

CISS® Campbell Interest and Skill Survey Individual Profile Report Assessment:

CISS® Campbell™ Interest and Skill Survey Individual Profile Report - Roger Yau (Y-Unit.com)


Highly Creative

Quick Learner

Problem Solver

Effective Communicator


Detailed & Organized

English & Cantonese Fluency

Fair-Minded Thinker

Team Player

American Mensa Member

Foothill BCA Pool League Member

Los Angeles Pool League Member


Adobe Creative Suite
HTML5 and CSS3
WordPress and Shopify
Social Media & SEO

Y-Unit is always acquiring different knowledges and improving our skills!

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Creative & Functional

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Project Details

Client: Bulldog Brewery LA, LLC

My Role: Partner, CTO, Design, and Marketing

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, Audition, Shopify, Google Docs, Social Media, and Pay-Per-Click

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Services Provided

Branding Concept and Development

Creative and Art Direction

Marketing Strategies and development

Market Research and Analytics

Design, Mock-ups, and Prototypes

Project Takeaway

Company success depends on getting the product development right

Pivoting is crucial for progress


To establish the brand identity/position and develop marketing strategy for a beverage kit startup

Website design
Packaging design
Social media marketing
Marketing collaterals
Video tutorials

Because the CoffeeDog® Liqueur Homebrewing Kit from Bulldog Brewery LA, LLC. belonged to a rather new category of non-alcoholic beverage market, it needs a strong packaging and a clear message to reach a niche audience. Along with the two co-founders, we operated on a shoestring budget.


To maximize online exposure and generate interest for this novel product

Modern, bold, and fun stylings
Clear messaging through multimedia
Online contests and event sponsorships
Local print advertisement
Targeted Google Adwords and Facebook advertisements

Compelling and engaging visuals were crucial in this project to convey the ease of use, a sense of social engagement, and the pride of homebrewed liqueur gifting. Bright colors and fun motifs along with modern styling were emphasized across the board for the website, collaterals, videos, etc. We also strategically created recipe video tutorials and sponsored online contests to associate positive emotions with the brand. In order to increase the perceived value of the product, we also sponsored one of the popular Churchill Downs horse-racing events. Online/offline advertising and a discount program were utilized to encourage sales.


We generated a healthy amount of social media interest and sales. Even though the general response for the product was great, the sales slowed down due to the fundamental issues with the heavy product weight and large shelf space. This taught us an important lesson that eventually helped us to develop a new product – the CoffeeDog® Vanilla 🙲 Coffee Extract Kit.


Marketing and sales collaterals

Busines Card

The business card was designed to create a strong first impression with some functional elements such as the QR code and individualized color for different employees

Sales Presentation

This presentation was created for potential wholesale buyers. It showed the compnay’s mission, demographics, sales figures, marketing strategy, etc.

BBLA Sales Presentation
BBLA Sales Presentation
BBLA Sales Presentation
BBLA Sales Presentation
BBLA Sales Presentation
BBLA Sales Presentation
BBLA Sales Presentation

CoffeeDog® Cookbook

This printed booklet was the “manual” for making the CoffeeDog® liqueur. It was printed in full colors.

Promotional Videos

Accessible via the QR code, a product overview video was designed to turn a shopper into a buyer. Short videos were created to promote positive emotional associations with the CoffeeDog® brand. A full-length instructional video was also made for showing the full process of making the liqueur.

Adelante Magazine Ad

This advertisement was created for the Adelante Magazine to target a specific demographic.

CoffeeDog® Website Screenshot

Based on a customized Shopify theme template, this website was able to handle ecommerce needs.


Project Details

Client: Nelson Davis Productions

My Role: Website and Marketing

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Audition, Microsoft Office, WordPress, Google Analytics, and Social Media

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Services Provided

Website Development / Management

Content Marketing

Social Media Management

Market Research and Analytics

Business Strategy

Project Takeaway

Entrepreneurial thinking is essential for all levels of employment

Researching business content is very rewarding


To revamp the original static website into a modern dynamic website in order to make small business information more accessible and to increase viewership

Rebranding of “Making It! TV”
Reinforcing Nelson Davis as a small business expert
Converting the fans of the show into brand followers
Promotion for “Nelson Davis Productions” business services

Making It! Minority Success Stories was a public affair series about small business and entrepreneurships which garnered many commendations including several Emmy Awards. After twenty-five years of running on-air, The production company wanted to extend the success of the show into the online world.


WordPress was chosen as the content management system for the new website. its simplicity, expandability, social media integration, etc. provided an ideal platform to reach the company’s goals

Redesigning of logo
Redesigning of website
Content marketing
Social media outreach
Business development

Working directly with the President of Nelson Davis Productions, we held regular meetings to discuss what was the best way to build an online fan base with our limited resource while Nelson focused on acquiring B2B projects. The solution was the redesigned website which eventually served as a source of information gateway to attract business prospects while educating the general public about entrepreneurship. Fresh useful contents were researched and posted regularly and most episodes of the “Making It! Minority Success Stories” were digitized and made available on the website. We hosted several interviews with entrepreneurs using Google Hangouts. We also created a series of podcasts demo to test the market.


Viewership and brand followers spiked up according to various analytics. And Nelson was able to increase his online presence significantly. However, as the evolving web began to lean heavily on social media especially as a source of news and for a sense of community, it seemed to be the right time for our website to evolve as well. In the latest iteration of the company website, it emphasized personal branding – Nelson Davis as the small business expert who offered consultation and corporate video services.


Website and marketing collaterals

“Nelson’s Business Lesson” Podcast

The cover graphic for this series of podcast demo was designed to reinforce Nelson Davis position as a small business authority and radio personality. I also edited and enhanced the audio with Adobe Audition.

Email Blast

The email blast was hand-coded from scratch written in HTML.


Revamped Website Screenshot

This version of the website for “Making It! TV” emphasized its content-driven marketing approach. The key was to organize a large library of articles, essays, photos, podcasts, and videos for easy access and discovery.

Original Website Screenshot

The following shows the look and feel of the original website:

A. I. Hub Logo

Project Details

Client: A. I. Hub

My Role: Founder, Webmaster, and Content Curator

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, WordPress, Google Analytics, and Social Media

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Services Provided

Logo Design

Website Development / Management

Search Engine Optimization

Content Research

Social Media Marketing

Project Takeaway

Being able to reach your niche audience is supremely gratifying

The most enjoyable work can simply be sharing what you’ve just learned


The challenge was on how to turn my interest of artificial intelligence into something that was useful for other technology enthusiasts

Providing accessible information to the general public
Website creation
Social media promotion

Before the subject of Artificial Intelligence was a major mainstream topic, there was a lot of misinformation on the internet and many of the valid ones were hard to find on the internet. When my interest on Artificial Intelligence began to surface, I decided to start a website that could share the fascinating research papers and lecture videos I came across.


I purchased a wordpress theme template and started to customize it with plugins and custom coding to make the website more friendly looking, organized, and accessible

Designing of logo
Development of website
Optimization of website
Content research and curation
Targeted social media outreach

After several design iterations of the website, I settled with a simple responsive two-column layout and a large main slider. I also added two advertisement spaces at the sidebar for potential sponsorship. Its green accent color scheme was designed to convey a sense of life and energy, which was appropriate for the subject of Artificial Intelligence. Basic SEO techniques were implemented. The final part of the equation was the careful curation of hard-to-find contents that had substance and an unique point of view.


As the interest on Artificial Intelligence grew, the website was also getting more popular. The average view count for a post could range from 1,000 to 3,000 over a period of one month. I was also very proud of one instance that a rather controversial theory from a young researcher received some significant attention because it was posted on the A. I. Hub website.


Website and marketing collaterals

“A. I. Hub” Logo

I designed this logo to reflect the root of artificial intelligence – algorithms and circuitry.

Website Screenshot

The following shows the look and feel of the A. I. Hub website:


Engraved Relay Batons

RelayBatons.com was founded in December 2013 in Simi Valley, CA by Steve and Ann Ringgold. Their idea was to inspire athletes in the Track & Field world by bringing an unique edge to the relay baton itself.


Los Angeles Pool League

The Los Angeles Pool League is one of the oldest sports leagues in Los Angeles. Since 1974, members have been gathering weekly to develop talent, build confidence and provide a community for amateur pool players in the greater Los Angeles area.


Intellectual Glee

The curated contents for Intellectual Glee are intended to be examined and shared. This space is where all things interesting are investigated and explored with an intellectual take. The "Artificial Intelligence" section of IntellectualGlee.com is now the new home for what was formerly known as AIHub.com. It sets out to discover and explore the different aspects of Artificial Intelligence.


Bulldog Brewery LA, LLC

Founded by Rick Ayres, Jeffrey Hersh, and Roger Yau in 2015, Bulldog Brewery LA, LLC is the creator of the unique CoffeeDog® brand – a home-brewing craft spirits experience that goes beyond ordinary celebration.


Premier Billiard Leagues

With a fresh face, a newly expanded outlook, and more Championship Level offerings, the formerly known as Foothill BCA Pool League is now the Premier Billiard Leagues (PBL). Through league and tournament play, PBL offers one of the most unique billiards experiences in the United States.


Margin Films

Margin began in 1996 when filmmaker Quentin Lee founded and incorporated the company. The mission of Margin Films / Fresh Fear is to produce culturally challenging commercial entertainment.


Duck In A Boat, LLC

Duck In A Boat, LLC is a family operated small business that develops educational and entertainment books, software, and videos.


Nelson Davis Productions

Nelson began Nelson Davis Television Productions in 1988 with the idea of bringing together special television programming with sponsors who wanted to reach a niche audience. His first weekly series was, Making It! Minority Success Stories, a program focusing on the small business community.


KJJ Sourcing, Inc.

KJJ Sourcing, Inc. is a wholesale company that designs and produces the better-priced denim collection - Denim Architect.


Fashion Design

These are some samples from my Fashion Design portfolio.


The Big Time Online

Six nights a week, on The Big Time and The Big Time Saturday Night, Whitney Allen hosts the popular radio show.


Rick Ayres

Rick Ayres


I have been working weekly with Mr. Yau over the year. The ideas that Mr. Yau have suggested have been some of the main contributions to my company’s success. Working with Mr. Roger Yau (Justin) has proven to be the best idea I have made for my company.

Nelson Davis

Nelson Davis


I have worked with Roger Yau for over two years regarding our websites. He has done a very good job of developing, updated and maintained two sites for us, MakingItTV.com and MakingItInstitute.org. Roger thinks, analyzes problems and shares his thoughts well. Also he continues to stay aware of the latest technologies and update his skills. I highly recommend him.

Quentin Lee

Quentin Lee

Film Maker

Roger is a hardworking, efficient and well-rounded designer that can helped us from web design to styling and fashion needs. He has a pleasant personality and never says No to a job too small or complicated. We worked together on various projects over the year and I highly recommend Roger. Thank you.